Friday, June 27, 2014

Boutroux Vert ramp and Massy ramp, Paris

Cool week-end session with vert riders from Paris and with Cephalopoïd  from the Netherlands. It's been nearly 2 years from my last session on a vert (in Belgium).
The next day we went to Massy ramp with Cephalopoïd: time to train some grinds, as the ramp is lower than Boutroux.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Zumiez skatepark (Kortrijk, Belgium)

After 2 long years of too spaced rsk8ting sessions , again on a 3m vert!!! The Zumiez skatepark ramp has really the smoothest material I have riden, joints between the ramp plates are "laser cut" quality, very stiff structure, perfect curve: perfect with hard wheels. Only minus is for high airs: 2m is max, but I have time to reach those altitudes ;-)

Here are some shots from my son Tanguy: